by Fort Union

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FORT UNION is the songwriting nom du guerre for Jace Krause, along with a cast of his friends.

Their 2016 album, id (FEIIL Records), is a pysch-rock odyssey into a demented mind. The songs explore the idea of what happens when humans tap into their lizard brains--the most primal core of their mind. The things we think but don't say or do. What if we acted upon those urges?

Krause moved to Portland in 2011 from Seattle, where he started the band. With a new city and some new musicians (Andy Morris and Chris Benson), they also found a new sound. Guitarist Ryan Lynch fired off seething riffs while Morris pounded deftly on the drums in semi-regular jams on rainy winter nights in southeast Portland. Krause eagerly turned the jams into little psyche pop gems.

Krause and Lynch had started a food cart together, and would spend the days working while listening to recordings of their rehearsals. They began to talk about Freud's concept of the id. What would society look like if everyone acted upon the urges of their id?

Krause took those ideas and set lyrics to those themes. The songs mostly came easy.

But the process of actually making the record was slow and frustrating, according to Krause and Morris.

"We would get traction going, and then something would happen. We'd lose the rehearsal space. I had a baby. Ryan had to step back to focus on his solo project. Our old bass player Jake Rohr moved back to Seattle right after we tracked the record."

With no bass player or guitarist, Krause and Morris were stalled. The recordings were shelved for about a year. Then Morris and Krause decided they needed to get it finished. In late 2015, they mixed and mastered Id.

"We couldn't get away from it. It kept pulling us back. I had to get it finished. Andy helped me get things done, and contributed some mind-bending artwork for the cover. There's definitely a newfound excitement for the project."

Look for Id in summer 2016, available from FEIIL Records.

FORT UNION first broke onto the scene in 2012 when they released their lo-fi atmospheric folk-rock record self. Recorded in Krause's garage with just a laptop, a few mics, and a room full of friends and instruments, it explores themes of staking one's own claim, growing up, having kids, and realizing we aren't going to be here forever.


released March 18, 2016

jace krause - guitars, vocals, synths
ryan lynch - guitars, synths
andy morris - drums
jake rohr - bass on all tracks except blood of me and bad man
chris benson - bass on blood of me and bad man

produced by jace krause and fort union
engineered and mixed by chris benson
mastered by tw walsh



all rights reserved


Fort Union Portland, Oregon

psyche pop from portland, ore.

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Track Name: Bones
oh the wheels are off
i'm out to see what turns you on
i won't survive
i'm too glad to hold the knife
oh the wheels are off

oh the mask is what you want
try it feel it put it on
animal cries when we turn out the lights
oh the mask is on

after the night we'll find it hard to let it go
bad idea that's gone too far to let it go

oh the world is black
i'm face to face with a dual attack
i won't deny
i wanted it that night
oh the world is black

after the night we'll find it hard to let it go
bad idea that's gone too far to let it go
Track Name: Bell
building of a bridge
cross like an animal

falling off the edge
you say i'm a criminal

all girls think that they believe in love
aw yeah
oh don't tell em it's the chemicals
oh yeah

there's nobody there
there's nobody there
yeah there's nobody there
there's nobody there

walk along cemetery ridge
your mind gets the best of ya
see the coffin
open up the lid
do you wanna see yourself?
Track Name: Blood of Me
young man riding in a limousine
he was a fast fast mover on the city scene
but there's a man from the clan wants him dead
yeah the big boss man wants to see his head roll
oh he's bad
he's a bad bad killer killer

young girl getting real close to touch
and the man comes in to eat a virgin lunch yeah
yeah he's a man with a plan and a golden chance
he's got a hardon dick gotta get his brick sold

oh he's gone
he's gonna go go get her get her
oh her head
her head
her head

you will not see the blood of me

and ran outside and brought his gun
cause it's a bold motherfucker who mess this world up
and the man from the clan he tracked em down
and pulled em both out and bang bang he shot em up

oh she's dead from the bad bad killer killer
oh he's dead from the bad bad killer killer

you will not see the blood of me
you will not see the blood of me
you will not see the blood of me
you will not see the blood of me
Track Name: Wire (Rip)
i was trying to climb a mountain
and i thought i found a way
and you got in from houston
and called me up to say
you were looking for a good time
so i thought i'd play along
but when i lost a piece of myself
i wanted to go home

so now i'm jumping off the deep end
with every pill i take
i wanna get inside of my head
and push around the weight
i got minced into pieces
by my own selfish trick
and who am i to lie to myself
and say that i'm not sick

i lost my head today
what did the others say
i wanted it this way
to find a piece of my mind

Track Name: Hatchet
there's a garden in your room
you like to hide there
in your garden we don't look
when you step and falter
oh that dramatic move
you left us oh dead silent

now you say you're on the move
san francisco
left us cold up here in the north
that's what we say
there's no more time to lose
when things look good on paper

you screamed out but you would not take the help
you needed love but you got something else

on a look a second look
what did we find there
one man with his back turned to
people who'd lead him there
oh that dramatic move
you'll stop but you won't stay there

you screamed out but you would not take the help
you needed love but you got something else
Track Name: Bad Man
let the bad man down
let him sink his head in the muddy waters
they're faster now
he's like a stone eroding he'll wither out

oh yeah they're faster now
so bring your game bring your heart and pour it out
oh yeah
the signal keeps on getting louder and louder

let the platform disappear on the dry land
i held my courage up for all to see it
for the true believers

now we know what we have found
you hold a flame up to the man and you'll burn him down
oh yeah
turn up the signal and we'll all try to drown him out

cause the fever disappeared with a cool hand
i held my courage up for all to see it
for the true believers
Track Name: Wake
we were stripped to nothing
we were standing by the lake
throwing our beer bottles in the wake
and for no good reason we were on each other's case
as we watched the sun eliminate

when the arrows fall from sky
into a person and you don't know why
what does cupid have to do
to make me fall in love with you


then i saw her backbone contours underneath her shirt
wanted to take her hand and watch the world
but it never happened and i sometimes wonder why
every time i think of her i cry


you're with someone you don't love